Jaime King is a brave chick!

jaimeThanks Refinery 29 for fulfilling my celebrity gossip addiction.  Jaime King let the internet choose her next haircut!  I read that part and thought, “Oh Sh*t!?!?!” Granted, I take some risks here and there with my hair, but to let random people pick your next ‘do, no thank you!  Sayonara! Au revoir!

I’ve always thought Jaime King was pretty, but how unfair is it that even with a random haircut, she’s still hot, but in an elegant refined way, yet not in a stuffy grandma way?  What do you think of her new ‘do?

And seriously, would you let your friend, let alone unknown strangers pick out your next ‘do?

(Picture courtesy of Vidal Sassoon.)


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