Foot mask review

footmask2Remember my blog about the foot mask a few days ago?

Well, I tried it and waited a few days before to review because the package said that within 4-5 days, your feet would start to peel. Hmmmm….

You basically cut the package open. Inside there are lined booties that are sealed. You cut those open and and stick your feet inside. The booties are filled with liquid and you leave them on for 60-90 minutes. They were slightly too big on me so I did use some tape to taper it off so they wouldn’t fall off my feet. But, and this is a big but, if you’ve got larger feet, these may not fit you.  I wear a size 7 shoe (US) and there was maybe an inch more room left at best.

I left mine on for the full 90 minutes. My heels appear less cracked and definitely smoother. Would I buy it again? A big maybe. If you get pedicures fairly regularly, I don’t think there’s a need. But hey, for $9.00, it’s not a bad let me pretend to pamper myself at home thing.


2 thoughts on “Foot mask review

  1. I have never tried a foot mask but this seems interesting…I’m more interested in a face mask since a few people rave about face peels, which sound horrific, but I would be interested in a review about those!!

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