Chicago Food Truck Rally


I was super excited to have lunch last Friday; it was Chicago’s first Food Truck Rally!  I work on the east side of the loop (east of State) and very few food trucks come this way.  As noon approached, I saw a few status updates and pictures from friends who had already made their way there, the anticipation only grew.

A few co-workers and I made the ten-minute trek to Daley Plaza shortly before one and we were greeted with droves of people.  There were eight food trucks participating and each one had a line of what looked to be 30 people.  We decided that it would be easiest to go to one truck and since a co-worker that couldn’t join us made a special request, we ended up at Pork Chop.

I’ll go to great lengths to get food that I’ve been craving but I don’t really know if the wait of almost 75 minutes was justifiable. Thankfully the weather was nice; had it been raining, I would have high-tailed it out of there. I think the long lines only prove that food trucks are desired in Chicago and maybe we need to lighten up on the regulations or give them some regular spots to camp out at in the loop.

porkchop2And my short review of Pork Chop…First, who doesn’t love BBQ?  It’s food that warms the soul.  My co-worker sent us with her requests for brisket and chicken wings.  Unfortunately, they sold out of the brisket as we were standing in line. After watching people walk away with food, it was finally our turn!  I decided to go for all out fat status since I’d waited in line forever.  I got a pulled pork sandwich and two pieces of chicken wings.  I also received a free chicken slider (more on this later). The pulled pork sandwich was enormous, definitely big enough to be shared.  The only complaint I would have is that the bread to meat ratio seemed a bit off, there was just too much bread.  The chicken wings were tasty, but surprisingly spicy, they were labeled on the menu as ‘pecan smoked chicken wings.’  My co-worker got corn bread and as soon as she got it, I knew I was missing out.  I’m definitely looking forward to trying more of Pork Chop’s menu.

Side note: I tweeted that I was standing in line at the Pork Chop food truck and they responded with a show them this tweet and get a free slider.  To the individual who handles Pork Chop’s twitter account, thank you!

Did you go to the Food Truck Rally, what did you think?


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