West Side Story

Super duper excited to see West Side Story tonight at The Oriental Theatre.  They have a short stint in Chicago, only 6 days and tomorrow night is the last!  You can click here to see if you can score tix to tonight or tomorrow’s performances. Are you into musicals?  (Raises hand: I am!)  What’s your favorite?… Continue reading West Side Story

Foot Masks?

I stopped by Mitsuwa today, the Japanese market, and saw these and thought, “Hey, why not?”  I actually got a 2nd pair, hmm, to motivate the boyfriend to try it or ask my mom?  I’ll update this later with a review. Have you tried a foot mask before? Tell me about it if you have.

Da Lobsta

As part of the boyfriend’s birthday weekend festivities, I took him to Da Lobsta in the Gold Coast. I got a great deal via Groupon. It was no Luke’s Lobster nor GT Fish and Oyster, but it’s closer and more affordable. They have a handful or so of different variations, but I’m true to traditional rolls.… Continue reading Da Lobsta

Glen Hansard and The Frames @ Millennium Park

Updated 6/11/13 Monday night was absolutely stunning and the perfect backdrop for a night of music at Millennium Park. Glen Hansard was amazing and I can’t wait until he’s back in Chicago. I had forgotten how popular outdoor events are in Chicago, especially when they are FREE.  I mistakenly thought it was ok to leave the… Continue reading Glen Hansard and The Frames @ Millennium Park

Pilsen Evictions

“Metro Bank, We Will Not Be Evicted.” Strolling through Pilsen a few Saturdays ago, the boyfriend and I stumbled upon this building. We were on 18th between Morgan and Ashland. It appears that the building is for sale and the tenants are being evicted. I wonder what came of this, if anything.